AccuTrack Solar Systems

Installation and Support:

"Off Grid" Solar & Mini Hydro Powered Systems throughout Northern California


Design & Engineering:

Complete Electrical Distribution AC / DC Integrated Systems

CAD drawings and Specifications (to suit your individual needs)

Custom distribution boards buss rated at 1000 Amps DC

PV powered pumping stations, Small machine shops


Equipment Available:

Xantrex XW 4.5 & 6 KW 120/240 VAC systems (click here for more information)

Photo Voltaic Panels, MPPT Charge Controllers, Custom Cabling

Low Voltage Distribution Equipment (panels and breakers)

Flooded and AGM Batteries, (many sizes and ampacities)

Motion Controls, Fluorescent & LED Lighting Systems

High Current Battery Bank Switching Controls

New & Used Equipment available: (click here)



"Off Grid" Systems Installed:



Nine, Sharp 208 watt (ND208-U1) PV panels installed on three DPW pole mount bases above Lucerne, CA



Before, During and After: Original, inefficient 24VDC system removed. Xantrex XW4548 48VDC system installed, now fully operational.

XW4548 powered by: sixteen (two groups of eight batteries in series) UL-16 / Interstate Deep Cycle Batteries (available from AccuTrack)

Battery: terminology glossary



Cobb Mountain, Lake County: a new "Three Thousand Square Foot Home" under construction (06/08  through 04/22)


Cobb Mechanical Room CAD Drawing



Installation: XW6048-120/240-60 Inverter/Charger & 2-XW60/150 Charge Controllers with SCP and GSM modules.

 Nine Sharp 208 watt PV panels on a "Pro Solar" roof mount system. A second nine panels to be installed after startup.

Planned Generator Backup System to be a 120/240VAC 12 Kilowatt air cooled unit  " Kohler 12RES "



Cobb Mountain continued: Xantrex XW6048 and associated equipment installed in new mechanical room.

Custom rack to house Sixteen (series / parallel) Surrette S-530 deep cycle batteries, 800AHrs @ 48VDC

"Batteries and Custom Racking" available from AccuTrack Solar Systems



Two 48VDC "Hydrogen Evacuation System" blower fans installed in custom cabinet

These fans are automatically controlled by the Xantrex Inverter/Charger aux. system

Double doors, installed with foam seals, now added to the battery racking cabinet



Generator Start Module (GSM) mounted above NEMA3 junction can

System Control Panel (SCM) set in temporary "programming" position



12 VDC relay added to control two 48 VDC "Hydrogen Evacuation System" fans

System Control Panel (SCP) re-located to house utility area for ease of monitoring


Distribution Panel: SquareD "QO style" 6/12 -100 Amp bussed surface mt.

XW-6048 Xantrex system: Up and Running "Perfectly" as of  04/09/2009


In the future, more photos will be available regarding projects in progress



Smaller Systems Installed:



  Medium Sized System installed in a 10' X 14' Prefabricated Building       Custom Distribution Board including Fusing and Coded Cabling    



Four Exide GC-110 6 VDC flooded batteries connected series / parallel, 440AHrs @ 12VDC

Three Kilowatt Xantrex (XPower+) modified sine wave inverter feeding machine tools + battery chargers


Higher Voltage systems available: 12/24/48/60 & 72 VDC  to power your Home, Cabin, RV or Small Machine Shop!

Higher Ampacity systems dependent upon panel wattage/quantity and charge controller capability


Amateur Radio Operators:

WA6ZLD's "Solar Powered" Amateur Radio (Ham) Station

Off Grid Installations for Amateur Radio Operators: (12 VDC)

Low Powered installations: VHF & UHF lower powered systems,  5 - 25 watts .

Medium installations for Operators using 5 - 100 watt rigs on CW, SSB and VHF / UHF systems.

Larger installations for Operators using 100 - 500 watt systems, All Bands, All Evening  24hrs. (shading dependent)


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